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Our signature product, the weld-in bung kit for your very own DIY setup!

WHY USE TRACTOR LINKS when you can use our kit which
-Doesnt rattle after 3 months
-Has billet machined weld-in inserts

-Has 4130 Chromoly heims - stronger than the inserts or the tube you're welding them into
-Looks 100 times better than a nut boogered to the end of a bar

-Is way stronger than cutting the threads off the adjuster and welding them back onto the bar
-Costs a mere 30 dollars more for everything, and will last a hell of alot longer and take way more abuse

Really there is no reason to go with any other option.

But wait, how do we make these claims? Simple!


-The heims are rated to over 27,000PSI of stress before they deform; there is no truck (that can fit on the street) in the world that can exert that kind of pressure on a heim joint in this application

-The heims have a nylon race, which absorbs all the vibrations and prevents the inner race (made of bearing-steel) from rubbing on the body (which is why tractor heims and other cheaper joints rattle)

-the body of the heim is made out of 4130 Chromoly steel - a specialized forumula normally used in lining full auto M249 SAW barrels and top fuel dragster suspension ends

Still not convinced? Then check out the pricing. You cant get a full hex setup with heims for this cheap anywhere else. But why hex? Instead of using a pipe wrench on your nice powdercoated bars, you simply grab a crescent wrench, slap a paper towel over the hex part, and adjust away. No paint/powder damage, and damn do they look good

Specs? Those might help

  • -Inserts are 2.5" long, with a .5" weld chamfer. The ID section is 1" long, and is machined to .995 to allow a perfect slip fit into a 1" ID bar. The Hex size is 1.5" (if you need bigger, see our big bore heim kit)
  • -Heims are .875 wide at the thru-hole, with a .750 diameter thru/bolt hole.

So what do you all get?

  • Four weld-in bungs, two right hand, two left hand
  • Four 3/4-16 Chromoly heims, two right hand, two left hand
  • Two Right hand lock nuts
  • A whole lot of badass to add to your truck

3/4-16 Chromoly heim/insert kit

SKU: 000
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