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You have your frame brackets, but they are no use without some way to mount the bars to the axle. Fear not, we have you covered!

These heavy duty, 3/8" thick axle tabs are strong enough to take the beatings you'll be dishing out, but elegant enough to have that "belongs in a show" look. And with a 1/2" Thru-hole, they'll accomodate a bolt to match.

The standard size tab has a 3" radius laser cut into it, but it can quickly be modified to fit up to a 4" tube with a standard 4" angle grinder. The distance from the center of the bolt hole to the bottom of the axle is 2", which will fit any of our 3/4" heims with just the right amount of clearance (not so much that it hangs down un-nessacarily, but plenty to allow full articulation)

Please note, this is for individual tabs, so be sure to specify how many you need for your setup while ordering.

Axle Tab - Individual tabs

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