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LS motor tearing up that front end?

38's got your tie rods bent?

Not anymore. Introducing

The absolute strongest bolt-on center link you can buy for your 88-98 Chevy pickup

Each center link end is fully CNC machined, and then welded together with a 1.5" diameter DOM tube. This means you get a center link that can withstand the impact of a 16,000 pound truck at 100mph, while weighing the same as stock. In other words, you gain all of the strength without bearing-destroying weight.

The tie rods are the end-all, be-all solution to your bent links. Machined from a billet, they are solid core, and WILL NOT bend or break under ANY driving condition (excluding crashing of course). Each end uses a 3/4" 4130 Chromoly heim that are rated to over 27,000 pounds of force before they deform. Break these, and you have much larger issues to deal with.

But what about the hardware? Wont standard bolts pale in comparison?

They would. Which is why we dont use a single standard bolt.

The shear bolts are custom made out of 4130, the studs for your knuckles are 4130, they're all exact-size, and they're all billet.

No compromises were made

During development, we looked at alot of options to make the best kit possible for the fairest price. Its pretty easy to skimp on certain parts, but not around here. While others will simply use a generic Chinese-made misalignment spacer, we developed our own specifically for this kit to fit this exact application. When we stress tested it, we found that a 5/8 heim would be strong enough for these parts. So we made 3/4 standard.



Billet centerlink kit, single shear

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