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Tired of your phone not charging when you slip it into your center console?

Well we are here to wake you and your phone up!

The OEM charging insert is a great location, except the pad underneath leaves alot to be desired. Between the hit and miss connectivity, the terribly slow charging time, and straight up no connection if you use a thicker case like an Otterbox, something had to be done.

Fortunately for you, we have the solution! This custom designed, 3D printed Chargesert fits exactly into the OEM charging slot, but with a stronger 15W wireless charger that is height adjustable to fit exactly what your phone needs!

The Chargesert is printed from high strength, heat and UV resistant ASA, meaning that this will not melt in the sun, and can take the abuse of sliding a phone in and out every time you drive your truck. Plus, with our through-vented design, your phone will have a constant stream of cooling air going over your phone, which helps prolong the life of your battery!

Oh, and did we mention that this has a built in key slot? Yup, not only do you get the best wireless charging experience you can get for these trucks, but you get a built in slot for safe key-ping!

But how easy is this to install?


  • Unbox chargesert
  • Set the chargesert to fit your phone
  • Remove the rubber pad in the truck by simply pulling it up and out
  • Slide the chargesert in
  • Plug the chargesert in to your center console
  • Rest phone on the chargesert


Like all Govas products, its as easy as ever!

To set your chargesert, simply follow the instructions below!


1: Unbox your chargesert

2: Plug the chargesert into a 110v power block (optional extra)

3: Set your device on the chargesert, against the bottom lip, to simulate how it will sit in the truck

4: Move the wireless pad up or down to find the best spot for your phone. This fine tuning feature will ensure the best connection between your phone and the pad.

5: Use the included stoppers to lock the pad height in. These simply push in, no tools needed. They can be reversed for setting the pad in between the height of the holes, giving the pad an accuracy of 1/16" to your phone.

6: Using the same principal, set the side stoppers. These are there to prevent your phone from sliding off its ideal location during a corner or hard braking.



Like all of our products, the Chargesert comes with the Govas Guarantee. If your chargesert fails, breaks, or otherwise any issues while you own it, we will cover the failed part, no questions asked. You send it back, you get a new one, period. Additionally, this accessory is 100% warranty safe, as it does not interfere or  modify any of the trucks systems or funtions.



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