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Need frame brackets that will stand any and all abuse you can throw at it?

Look no more! These brackets are as strong as they come, laser cut from ultra-high strength Domex 100 XF plate and then brake pressed into shape. At 100,000 PSI tensile strength, your grade 8 bolt will deform before these brackets do!

These brackets feature a 5/8 Thru-hole, and are 3/16" thick for maximum strength-to-weight ratio. Some may think this is overkill, but do you really want to be replacing frame brackets?

These brackets also come with a weld-in center piece, in case you want to use them as link brackets and need protection from rocks, chunks of metal, or parts that fell off your truck. They also prevent the ears from pulling in when tightening, but if you use them in conjunction with our heim spacer kit, they arent nessacary as the spacers keep the ears from pulling in.

Sold in pairs, ready to weld on!

Frame Brackets

SKU: 003
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