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For all GM trucks that have trailering side view mode! Fits and works on 2019*-2024 GM trucks with surround view cameras, as long as your mirror has a camera, this will work!

Ever notice how your center screen turns into a wide angle mirror when you tow but its impossible to access it without a trailer?

Well worry no more, as we have just the solution. Printed from UV and Heat resistant ASA, this plug is both strong and effective, bringing you the camera view you want while retaining your OEM warranty.

*Some 2019 model owners have reported issues, if you have a 2019, please confirm that your truck has this feature with a real trailer before ordering*


What are the benefits of using this plug though?


  • No splicing


  • No taking ANYTHING apart to install


  • No screwing around - just plug it in, and enjoy the view!


  • Sleek, under the cap mounting. Designed to look like it is not even on the truck

All electrical components are coated in a flame-proof coating to prevent the worst case scenario, and the entire plug is made right here in South Eastern Wisconsin. We source our terminals and internals locally, we make the bodies, and assemble/ship them from right here in the US of A!


How simple is this to use though?


  1. Unbox the plug, and take it to your truck
  2. Plug it in, and unscrew the removal screw. Make sure to keep this safe, this makes removing the plug super easy when its time to tow a real trailer!
  3. Go into your trailer profile settings. Select "Accessory/No trailer". This tells the truck that the plug isnt actually a trailer, and this mode does not record mileage like a trailer profile does. Do note that we have not been able to verify if it records mileage internally.
  4. Do a few ignition cycles. This helps the truck recognize the plug, and makes error codes less frequent.
  5. Enjoy the view!



With simplicity comes a few drawbacks though, and even though this plug is great for unlocking the side view mode, please see the following for the side effects:


  • Rear parking sensors will be disabled. The truck thinks there is a trailer after all, and unfortunately, there is no way to get around this
  • Random error codes on occasion: Even though we tested as best as we could, the trucks seem to monitor differently depending on software installed. We tested on a 4/22 build date, a 8/22 build date, and 6/22 build date truck, and we did not have errors. However, some users are reporting "check running lights" errors. These will NOT affect the operation of the plug, however, you will need to clear the error when you start the truck. Most of the time, this can be cleared by leaving the plug in and doing a few ignition cycles, however, if that does not work, you may need to go back into your trailer settings and reselect the "accessory/no trailer" profile. If problems persist, please contact us and we will try to help solve them with you.


  • If you hit the unlock/lock button on the truck before entering/driving, this seems to reduce the "check side lights" message to almost nothing. The truck doing a light cycle helps the truck recognize the plug.


We stand behind our products and we want you to be absolutely satsified with what you're getting, so please be advised of the above. We will continue to monitor and adjust as needed, as well as working on ways to overcome the issues if it is possible. If you have any questions beforehand, please dont hesitate to reach out and we will answer your questions as best as possible.



Domestic US Shipping is included with the price, international orders are quoted per unit. Please note that if you are international, you will see a separate charge for shipping.

GM Camera Plug

  • If you arent satisfied with the plug, we do accept returns, however they are subject to a 20% restocking fee, and must be in like-new condition. Please email us and we will be happy to assist!

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