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Are you a gun collector?
Do you need a slick way to spruce up your coffee table?
Just like shiny things?

Do we have the product for you!

Introducing, the finest and highest quality pistol stand you can buy! Precision machined out of billet 6061, these stands are designed to have an exact fit to your gun. There is no guess work, there is no screwing around to make it just right.

With three different styles of plates (with more to come), we are confident we will have what you're looking for.

The Colt plate features pocket engraving, for an exceptionally bold presentation
The Springfield plate features single point engraving, absolutely no details were missed in the logo
The American Flag plate features both pocket and single point engraving, we would never do Lady Freedom wrong


  • 10" length, 3.7" wide. Even the heaviest of guns will not be a problem for this stand
  • Exact magazine-well fit, so that the gun has very little slop once on the stand (some manufacturing tolerances apply, but we test fitted these on Colt, Springfield, Kimber, Remington and Sig 1911's, and all had an excellent fit)
  • Fits guns with magwells
  • High shine CNC machine finish
  • Set screw through the bottom of the plate, so there is no way to pull the handle apart from the base when picking the gun up

Everything is 100% made in the USA. All raw material, all machining and even the set screws are American made. We are proud to support American suppliers and American workers.

Fitment Details:

1911 .45ACP:


  • Full Size (5" Barrel)
  • Commander Size (4" barrel)
  • Defender Size (3" barrel)
  • Fits .45ACP, .38 Super, and 9mm caliber guns


**This will not fit the Sig 238/938, the Springfield 911, or the Colt Mustang

Coming soon


.45 ACP Caliber, all XDM frame sizes. This option WILL NOT fit 9MM, .40 Cal, or XD guns


  • 9MM fits Gen1-4 models 17, 17L, 18, 19, and 34. Does not fit single stack variants, such as the 43.



American Flag Pistol Base

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